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5302 Buford Highway #A3
Atlanta, Georgia 30340


Monday – Thursday | 11am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday | 11am - 11pm
Sunday | 11am – 9pm


– Tea House Formosa –

[ A modern tea house ]



During the Age of Discovery, a small island was discovered by a group of Portuguese sailors. Enamored by its complex terrenes and beautiful scenery, they declared Taiwan Ilha Formosa, meaning “beautiful island”, which is commonly referred to as “Taiwan” nowadays.

Taiwan’s complex yet harmonious terrenes and its perfect climate, together, create a perfect condition for growing tea trees. When the moment is right, teas are then handled by artisans with years of training. Two tender leaves and an unopened leaf bud are plucked carefully by hand and then processed using five basic steps – Plucking, Withering, Rolling, Oxidizing, and Firing – creating the thousands of varieties of tea we know and love today.

At TEA HOUSE FORMOSA, to ensure you always get the best brew, we only carry those premium teas that were grown at elevation, hand-plucked and handled by expert artisans. Whether you want to stay authentic with our signature options, be adventurous with our flavored/seasonal picks, or stay true to yourself with customized drinks, it is TEA HOUSE FORMOSA’s commitment to always bring you the highest quality and, of course, delicious drinks!



5302 Buford Highway #A3
Atlanta, Georgia 30340


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