New Day, New Start!

New day, new start! We love to tell you all the things we are changing and here are some of them!

Since we are striving to become an environmentally friendly business, we will be using reusable utensils, and glass cups! One-time use material will not be allowed on the dine-in floor.

We also give a benefit to the people who bring in their own reusable cups. Such as, 20 cent discount off your drink!

Unfortunately, we are removing the snacks from our menu and concentrate on more desserts that’s coming to the new menu! We are sorry to say that the collaboration with Chef Wang, who was in charge for our savory food/snacks in the kitchen, has come to an end. And we are now focusing more on what we do best, TEA!

We apologize for the inconveniences and THANK YOU again with your continue support! We love to see you more often in the dine-in!


Winnie Peng